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Die nachfolgenden Tabelle zeigt die Zahlen für die Umrechnung des Ring-Innenumfanges und des Ring-Innendurchmessers:

Innenumfang Innendurchmesser
41mm 13,0mm
42mm 13,4mm
43mm 13,7mm
44mm 14,0mm
45mm 14,3mm
46mm 14,6mm
47mm 15,0mm
48mm 15,3mm
49mm 15,6mm
50mm 15,9mm
51mm 16,2mm
52mm 16,5mm
53mm 16,8mm
54mm 17,2mm
55mm 17,5mm
56mm 17,8mm
57mm 18,1mm
58mm 18,4mm
59mm 18,8mm
60mm 19,1mm
61mm 19,4mm
62mm 19,7mm
63mm 20,0mm
64mm 20,3mm
65mm 20,6mm
66mm 21,0mm
67mm 21,3mm
68mm 21,6mm
69mm 22,0mm
70mm 22,3mm
71mm 22,6mm
72mm 22,9mm
73mm 23,2mm
74mm 23,5mm
75mm 23,9mm
76mm 24,2mm

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